Saturday, August 15, 2009

Update on Homemade Firearm author

A while back I expounded on a citizen's right and duty to be ready for defending themselves against criminals and tyrants, with a link to the website of Philip Luty, tinker-extraordinaire, who authored Homemade Expedient Firearms, in which he shows plans for a working submachinegun made from common household materials. Working because he actually made it, in spite of the UK's laws against the peasants having guns of pretty much any type, and for his troubles the gubmint there locked him up for 5 years; it would've been only 4, but they buggered up his parole because he was fairly unrepentant about the whole thing. Being incarcerated only served to piss him off, so he decided to branch out, from a book of his plans to the whole freakin' Internet, documenting his developing hobby of amateur gunsmith, tho without the ability of testing his creations anymore, because of constant gubmint scrutiny. They even resorted to arresting his father and brother on the trumped up charges of "conspiracy" in '05, despite the evidence of Luty's own tesimony of planning and working alone. I had noted, with some concern, that his website had become "forced dormant" in recent months, and today I find that it is because Mr Luty has been jailed once again, for "aiding and abetting" some alleged "terrorists" who were found in possession of his book. The UK gubmint refuses to disclose where he is being held, they barely admit that they do have him in custody, and they further refuse to describe in any detail what the charges are and who the other suspects and the details of their case. In an attempt to win some favor in his case, his family has taken down the body of the website, thus the "you are here" post on it, but without any other explanation.

Ya know, this makes me glad the US told them what to do with themselves 230-sumthin' years ago, and with the current trends, I hope that Texas will do the same to the US soon! Then maybe we can offer him political asylum if he wants to leave there (once he's released from prison again), since as a convicted felon he's otherwise having tremendous difficulty in getting a Visa, and he is suffering from cancer, which means he probably isn't going to get preferential treatment under their oh-so-wonderful national socialized health care, and can't leave the country to seek treatment elsewhere.

A-Ha! AlGore's invention ain't so bad, it remembers for you! You can still read his site here.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Current events

Apparently That One has appointed too many Czars to oversee every little mote of gubmint interference in our lives, because there is now a office of Stasi and Okhrana to check up on folks who resent the new Gubmint Health Care Reform Plan. Those "shovel-ready" jobs He promised must be in building the new offices for all the files they're going to keep on nearly every citizen!


As my Ex has already posted, we had to put our old Sheltie to sleep this last Friday. Emmett was 16 1/2 years old, and the runt of his litter, tho he lived a lot longer than either of his brothers. It was a little strange, his death bringing back together for the day, my parents and me and my Ex (we're ALL divorced!). Tears were shed, prayers were said, and he left this world surrounded by those who loved him in life; I guess we should all hope for that as our ending.


Tonight I was driving around, and encountered our local bicycle group going on their monthly "moonlight ride." Except I think they're still supposed to follow all the same traffic laws as a motor vehicle; this group was taking up both lanes on one side of the road, making it impossible to pass them. For all that some bicycle enthusiasts scream and fuss about having equal rights to use the road, this group (and most kids riding crazy) leaves the impression that they aren't really about "sharing the road," they want special rights for being out there and "being green" (NOT like Kermit the Frog). Plus, there's the hypocrisy of them driving their cars to the bicycle shoppe where they started from, then they'll drive back home once the ride is done. They don't ride their bikes as necessary transportation like some folks do, this is leisure for them, and self-righteous at that, given the smugness of the environmental movement today. (People's Exhibit A: mercury is bad in fish, but good in new, gubmint-required light bulbs. People's Exhibit B: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is good unless it's your old car, then it's not even good as spare parts anymore once the gubmint gets ahold of it! Then it sits waiting for the smelter, and pollutes the groundwater with caustics.)

Requiescat in pace, Capt. Speicher

I found out Sunday that the remains of Navy Capt. Michael "Scott" Speicher were recovered and identified, after almost 20 years of him being listed as MIA/KIA from the first Gulf War. Apparently, he died during the crash of his F/A-18 hornet, and his remains were found by Bedouin tribesmen, and according to their traditions, buried before sundown the end of the next day. An Iraqi citizen remembered this, and brought Marine Corps teams out last month to investigate, bringing to a close the mystery of Speicher's disappearance and death, and bringing some closure to his family.

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