Sunday, August 20, 2006

And now for something completely different...

The Adventures of Possum Girl!

It's something Phoenix is doing, that evolved from an inside joke among online friends. She bounces ideas off of me, and I'll sometimes think of something off the top of my head for her.

It's funny, it's cute... follow it!

Approaching 5 years since the WTC attack

Today I joined the 2,996 project. Phoenix kinda encouraged me into it, and it'll give me something to post about, which Phoenix again is saying I'm not doing enough of. My appointment is to remember Mohammed Jawara, 30yrs, on duty at WTC for MAS Security. I think the gods have a twisted sense of humor for assigning him to me (he was nearly the same age as me, I also was working for a security company at the time, but not the same one).

That leave 902 unassigned people from that day. From their website:
The first 1,000 took 57 days. We made the jump from 1,000 to 2,000 in 25 days.

Now we’ve got 23 days to get the last 996.

I think we can make it.

Update: August 25th; only 223 left to go. Phoenix had an update of her own, where she mentions that Michelle Malkin joined, and that's given the project a much needed kick-start for these last days.