Thursday, October 01, 2009

Radom chit pt 2

It's happy dance time! Kim du Toit is back on the air! (With help from his lovely wife Connie.) Big ol' hat tip to Xavier for the notice.


Is it wrong for me to wish for an EMP that'll wipe out all the electronic masturbation toys (i.e. cell phones, Ipods, Blackberrys, etc.) of these fools who keep walking directly in front of our car?


Anybody want a kitten or two? We've got 4 two-month-olds ready to go, out the door, and two of our other cats both had litters a week ago! One had 10 kittens (only 6 survived) and the other had 4 (3 survived). Here's a pic of one new mamma with all of the kits.

We realized there was no way all 14 of the kits could've come from one mamma (who I caught in the middle of giving birth to #2), and since one of the cats went from "mostly pregnant" to "not pregnant anymore," and we found the 4 all-black ones in the litter box (eww!), we deduced that the not-as-huge-pregnancy cat had hers in the litter box, and the hugely-pregnant cat was having hers wherever she could find (I ran in after hearing one of the babies crying, getting dragged around by her momma still attached by the umbilical cord! She really didn't have good instincts for this.)

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