Thursday, April 21, 2011

A day to celebrate, a day to mourn

I suppose, first, the good news:
Happy San Jacinto Day! Today is the 175th anniversary of the Texian Army defeating the Mexicans, and winning our independence from them.

In unrelated good news, the website The Homemade Gunsmith is back up, now hosted in an undisclosed location here in the US, guarded by Dick Cheney and his guns (ok, I made up that last bit), safe from the Internet Gestapo (for now). The sad news, related to that, is that the site's founder, Philip A. Luty, has died after his battle with cancer. (Big thanks to Firehand for the notice.) I regret that I have no more information that that, since last I'd heard, he was in prison, for the Byzantine crime of aiding a criminal who used his designs for a homemade gun, even tho all Luty had done was publish the book, for which they'd already arrested and jailed him (ok, he also designed and built the first gun himself, to make sure it would work, proving the despite their laws, they could not overturn man's inventiveness and determination, and for that, he was jailed, but as we like to say over here, he served his time for the crime, then they threw him back in for someone else copying his design and building their own gun, claiming that he was "aiding terrorists").

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