Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Beans, bullets, bandages... what else?

Greetings, all! I'm not dead, just playing too much Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma on Facebook as of late, and wishing I could get another Blue Heeler from Texas Cattledog Rescue, tho recent events have had my brain working again. On a online discussion forum, another member posted a link to the science story about the possibility of a solar flare being stronger and more disruptive than Hurricane Katrina, followed by commenting that he should stock on gas for his camp stove and lanterns. My remark was
Beans, bullets, and bandages; what else can you really do? (Sounds kinda like my shopping/packing list for "going Grizzly Adams"!) One of the bloggers I occasionally read opined on this topic herself, about any number of possible scenarios.

Today at work I mentally turned over this list of supplies, making it into a game of what else I thought necessary of emergency preparedness, all based around words starting with the letter "B". Let's start with those three mentioned above, with brief explanations and expanded thoughts on each.

Beans- simple, dried, will keep a long time without refrigeration, tho I prefer mine served up as red beans 'n' rice.

Bullets- another item that will keep a long time without special handling, just keep it cool and dry, very useful with a later item for defense of homestead and procuring fresh meat.

Bandages- this and a fully-stocked first aid kit will help keep one breathing for a long time!

Now to the additional items:

Boomstick!- this would be the item to work with the bullets mentioned above. Either one is rather useless without the other. (As I've commented many times, an empty gun is just an awkward club!) Don't forget some way to keep it clean and in good repair.

Blades- edged tools of various types, from pocketknives, to machetes and cleavers, to axes, to more specialized ones like a spoon-carving knife, maybe even a bayonet to attach to the end of your rifle, if it's a military surplus one. And some way to keep them sharp.

Bedroll and Blankets- gotta have somewhere to rest your weary head! Ain't no good to yourself or others if you're plumb wore out! Probably would include a tent or tarp or tepee to keep the rain and cold wind off ya while sleeping.

Burro or Bicycle- a way to get around, and some of the more economical ways than some folks propose, especially in light of rising gasoline prices. (My "all-terrain" bike has folding baskets on the back for carrying groceries and gear, and I've nicknamed it my "Tin Burro," as a jibe at those who call their motorcycles "Iron Horses.")

Boombox and Bands- some type of radio to keep up with news and weather, in the event of power loss for TV and Internet, and some music to sooth nerves and boost morale during trying times. (I'd recommend a solar/handcrank-powered radio as a backup, for long-term emergencies, like this one with the American Red Cross branding, plus it's got an onboard LED flashlight, always good during an emergency. Just make sure it's not your only one!)

Bible- or whatever your preferred spiritual guidance is, just bring it with you!

This is more a listing of mostly "essentials" for any type of emergency preparedness, not just for hurricanes or solar flares or zombie attacks, and shouldn't be interpreted as all-inclusive or the order as an indicator of importance. It was a mental exercise for me while I was bored at work, simply based around the alliteration of the three basics of the beginning of this list. Your list of supplies should be longer, as would mine, because existing on just the contents of this list would get boring!



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