Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A quick laugh...

...For those of us old enough to remember: This just in...

From Britain, thru Vietnam, to NYC, RIP

I was making my rounds thru my mostly-daily blog reads, and stumbled across this at the LoneStarTimes. I had seen the cover of "We Were Soldiers Once... And Young" in the bookstore many times, and watched the movie version during the busride down during the deployment last month. Then today I read that one of the gallant heroes from that battle (and the soldier pictured on the book's cover) was still acting bravely inside the WTC six years ago. (Warning: you might cry from reading this. I did. But it was from my joy that a man like him was still acting from the heart, knowing he might die; and from my sorrow that the world is much poorer without him.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hi all, I'm Muninn, the good looking one, on the right. The other one is Huginn. We are best buds with Odin, telling him what's happening in the worlds. Lots of folks are remembering (that's my job) from six years ago. For a lot of them, this is sad, which is understandable, but for others this makes them mad, at someone who couldn't have done much to change what happened. They blame this grand cabal of people and organizations, who conspired to bring about events so those people could gain more power and money. If these groups are so powerful, why do they still hide behind governments to do their bidding? Most of the people in Midgard are used to having Evil Overlords running everything at the expense of the minions. These folks believing in these conspiracies are giving way too much credit to their boogymen. Any conspiracy that is big enough will have someone involved who doesn't like it and is willing to rat it out. If nothing else, a few years back Popular Mechanics magazine did a debunking of most of the popular myths about the Twin Towers attack. Is that mag part of the conspiracy too? The sad thing about these folks, even if you tell them the truth, they dismiss you as a willing participant in the cabal's lies. Oh, well.

Thx to for letting us gank the pic. You did a good job capturing my good side!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Report: Protect ALL Your Rights Day (Aug 28) purchases

In my own way, I made some purchases to support the Protect ALL Your Rights Day,which was on August 28th, but I had spread mine out a little, across the fortnight. All of the deliveries were made during the week of the 28th, tho, so I suppose it counts enough. I had ordered another magazine and a shoulder holster for my Taurus PT-92AF, and these arrived separately, and then I bought a 100 round box of Winchester target ammo for the same gun. Well, it's 9mm Parabellum, which will work in any gun chambered for that, but the Taurus is the only thing I've got right now for that round.

Yes, this is my gun; no, I won't let you borrow it!