Monday, January 21, 2008

More thoughts about Texas

A little over a year ago, I pontificated about Texas being a State or Republic. Since then, I've discovered that the founder and master emcee of Radio Free Texas is not the "former & disgruntled" president that I imagined, but the current one! There is a sister station, Texas Independence Radio, which plays Texas-themed music and political talk programs (from what I've heard so far). There is also a Texas Nationalist Movement website with blog-type posts concerning Texas independence and related news. This is several steps up from the email discussion on a Yahoo group, where the everyday theme du jour is fucked-up conspiracy theories! That gets old pretty quick! I wonder how those folks get by on a day-to-day basis, if the Zionist government/Illuminatti cabal/Planet X alien implants are supposed to be keeping such free thinkers down? How can they have any time to work toward a free Texas if they're worried about the tracking chips in every piece of money in their wallets?

Earlier today I was contemplating whether or not Texas has a distinctive culture.
  • We have a style of dress (cowboy boots, jeans, cowboy hat) that has working, casual, and formal levels.
  • We have our own pantheon of demigods, men and women who achieved such greatness as to be elevated above mere folk, who formed our legends, from whom some of us can claim descendance.
  • We have our own holy sites and artifacts, like the Alamo and San Jacinto and the Bowie knife and Colt revolver.
  • We have our own style of speech, derived from various influencing cultures throughout our history (altho we haven't really developed Texsperanto like in Roswell, Texas).
  • We have a strong sense of identity above that of simply American.
  • We have a internationally recognized, distinctive flag, still in use, which predates our statehood.
I'm not sure what more I would need to claim Texas has a culture. Still, it was a fun mental exercise.