Saturday, October 13, 2012

Recent thoughts, and National Ammo day 2012

I try to avoid too much posting on here about political topics unrelated to Texas Independence or gun ownership, but this current Federal Presidential election doesn't want to be left unnoticed. It has completely polarized the nation, with very few undecideds out there. On the one side, is the avowed socialists who want to further their goals of punishing big business and enriching "the little guy." On the other side are those who want to put a full stop to that march toward socialism, and rebuild what made our country great by removing govt restrictions against business. By my reckoning, removing the roadblocks to business would be a much-needed kickstart to the economy, as I think the business owners have been hesitant to invest in their own companies if the govt would come along and take it under Federal management because it was "too big to fail." Pff, more like too big to lose union donations to the democrat party. See: Fed takeover of GM and the pushing of the Volt car, at a loss to the company for every one that's sold, and the govt's trying to make us buy them by offering tax rebates on them.

How does this relate to National Ammo Day, you might ask? As has been joked about in many gun forums and gun shoppes, the current President has been the best motivation for buying guns and ammo, as many citizens are understandably scared that he could place more restrictions on the ownership of said small arms and ammo, as he has done with many other things, with his electro-signature on an Executive Order, without any of the pesky checks-and-balances of Congress or the Supreme Court to stop him or hold him accountable. Meanwhile, many gun owners have been stocking up as best they can, while supplies in the gun stores fluctuate. Still, it's better than those months between the last Presidential election and the Inauguration Day, when demand shot up (no pun intended) and the shelves were bare, after people realized an avowed damnyankee democrat "community organizer" from Chicago, a place not known for its love of private gun ownership, was on the way to the White House with his entourage. Do I think the President *would* sign an Executive Order banning gun ownership in another term if he's reelected? Not if he wants to prevent the current political cold civil war from going very hot, he won't! Even if current democrats and republicans hate each other, they can still manage to be civil in public, unlike the good old days of fistfights and knife duels breaking out in Congress. (Can you say, Aaron Burr?) However, I'm pretty sure the same cannot be said for their fans, especially the ones who think they are entitled to certain benefits, and said benefits would be completely cut if their guy doesn't get reelected. Like many police departments across the country geared up before the Inauguration in expectation of "celebratory riots," like after any sports team wins the national championship, I'm sure they are quietly gearing up for similar events next month, in the event that such candidate doesn't win reelection. However, I can't be certain that he and his administration wouldn't do something stupid, like has happened with the Fast and Furious operation, or the Libyan consulate attacks and coverup-- nobody brings an RPG or two to a "protest"!

So, I would strongly suggest that you go ahead and purchase any ammo now, in case you might need it before next month's official day of buying, perhaps if your neighborhood watch is called out and you have to put up a sign that reads "You loot, we shoot," as has been done many times before after a hurricane blows thru and disrupts power and emergency services. And either we will all give out a big sigh of relief and you can make another purchase of ammo on the official day, or, as some places online have half-joked about the future, we'll be too busy reloading. This would also be a great time to go ahead and pick up that gun you've been eyeing as a Christmas gift; your loved one might get to unwrap it early if needed.

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