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Update on Homemade Firearm author

A while back I expounded on a citizen's right and duty to be ready for defending themselves against criminals and tyrants, with a link to the website of Philip Luty, tinker-extraordinaire, who authored Homemade Expedient Firearms, in which he shows plans for a working submachinegun made from common household materials. Working because he actually made it, in spite of the UK's laws against the peasants having guns of pretty much any type, and for his troubles the gubmint there locked him up for 5 years; it would've been only 4, but they buggered up his parole because he was fairly unrepentant about the whole thing. Being incarcerated only served to piss him off, so he decided to branch out, from a book of his plans to the whole freakin' Internet, documenting his developing hobby of amateur gunsmith, tho without the ability of testing his creations anymore, because of constant gubmint scrutiny. They even resorted to arresting his father and brother on the trumped up charges of "conspiracy" in '05, despite the evidence of Luty's own tesimony of planning and working alone. I had noted, with some concern, that his website had become "forced dormant" in recent months, and today I find that it is because Mr Luty has been jailed once again, for "aiding and abetting" some alleged "terrorists" who were found in possession of his book. The UK gubmint refuses to disclose where he is being held, they barely admit that they do have him in custody, and they further refuse to describe in any detail what the charges are and who the other suspects and the details of their case. In an attempt to win some favor in his case, his family has taken down the body of the website, thus the "you are here" post on it, but without any other explanation.

Ya know, this makes me glad the US told them what to do with themselves 230-sumthin' years ago, and with the current trends, I hope that Texas will do the same to the US soon! Then maybe we can offer him political asylum if he wants to leave there (once he's released from prison again), since as a convicted felon he's otherwise having tremendous difficulty in getting a Visa, and he is suffering from cancer, which means he probably isn't going to get preferential treatment under their oh-so-wonderful national socialized health care, and can't leave the country to seek treatment elsewhere.

A-Ha! AlGore's invention ain't so bad, it remembers for you! You can still read his site here.



Blogger Kelly said...

For some odd reason, this brings to mind Sean Connery's character from "The Rock". The British spy who didn't exist legally, because we couldn't admit we wouldn't admit we were holding a British citizen, and they wouldn't admit they'd had him spying on us. Something about this: "The UK gubmint refuses to disclose where he is being held, they barely admit that they do have him in custody, and they further refuse to describe in any detail what the charges are and who the other suspects and the details of their case." just makes me think of that... as if, even under their own laws, they shouldn't really be holding him.

2:44 PM, August 16, 2009  
Blogger Mattexian said...

Well, I think they've screwed up the law such that, what we think of as "Jolly Olde England" doesn't exist anymore, and they can hold him without defined charges. I think they're more embarrassed that some Brits still remember what it once meant to be a British citizen. It was only a century ago that an English gentleman was at better odds for being armed than a London Bobby!

This is the same country (and mindset) that had to run ads in US newspapers before WW2, begging American gun owners for donations for their Home Guard, because they had already begun discouraging private gun ownership among their subjects. (Of course, they had been afraid of communist rioting after WW1, so they had made labour unions into one of the "suspect groups" to keep from getting guns, which quickly applied to everyone else.)

9:12 PM, August 16, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil Luty has been dammed by Brit "authorities" for being a pro-gun supporter. He was kidnapped by those same thugs along with suspect Moslem people who read his technical books. His attorney has said that the gov't claims are all "rubbish" as has one senior police constable. The numerous arrests are seen as a political ploy on the part of the Brit gov't.

Keep in mind that this same gov't approved the release of the Lockerbie bomber the other day who was convicted of murdering hundreds in that Pan Am flight.

The Brit police have even terrorised Phil Luty's friends by sending Interpol after them for corresponding with him about firearms and national security issues.

It would seem that the Nazis did in fact succede in their war with the Brits but in recent years.

Besides being a writer Phil Luty is a small farmer and patriot. In the UK the term "patriot" is subject to derrision... wonder why ??

Viper Dude

2:55 PM, August 27, 2009  
Anonymous Free man said...

Things are worse than expected. A cold attack is dawning.

8:43 PM, January 31, 2010  
Blogger tom said...

A friend is getting marred in West Yorkshire this July and I'm not going because I like my memories of the UK when it was only vaguely a police state and I might have trouble getting in because I sued Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs for stealing a custom knife I mailed to a friend as a supposed "flick knife" which it isn't. It's an assisted opener.

Reckon if I go over there they'll follow me around and arrest me for carrying a pocket knife if they even let me in through customs at all. Last time I was gonna pop in on the way back from Africa to go see my friend they wouldn't let me because I had hunting arms that are illegal in the UK and they wouldn't hold them in Customs for me and I needed an import permit for them except they're illegal so there's no such thing and then I would have had to get an export permit to leave the country with them.

There was NO WAY I was mailing my guns back from RSA. Last stuff I mailed back from RSA all got stolen. RSA shipping people have very sticky fingers, especially when it comes to firearms and military stuff. Bastards stole two complete Selous Scout uniforms and a bunch of ammo. :-(

I'll go back to Africa but I'm never going to the UK again. It's not worth it. Can't do anything fun without comitting a felony. Hell, they've damn near even killed off their pub and club scene with regs...can't hardly hunt or fish anywhere, speed cameras and surveillance cameras everywhere on the roads. Arrest you for carrying a locking folding knife, no joke, they're illegal to carry.

Historical fact re US gun law. 1934 NFA was about Unions. 200 bucks was a lot of money to register a machine gun to a mine worker but it wasn't nothing to the Pinkerton Guards working for the Mine Bosses. The LEO sign off not being needed on NFA for Corporations and Trusts was in case some sheriffs, judges, AGs, and police chiefs sided with miners and unions instead of mine owners.

They tried to put a $200 tax on pistols too, but people screamed bloody murder so they left it machineguns, silencers, DDs, etc. But the WANTED to put pistols on the list for 200 dollar taxes. My grandpa bought a house in 1934, 2 stories with a carriage house for $480, to put the 200 buck tax in perspective. He got rid of his Thompson instead of registered it. Couldn't afford to keep it legally.

I'm prolly up a creek in the US for being friends with Len Savage. I'm sure people monitor our phone conversations and emails and letter writing. Positive of it. BATFE started getting intransigent about sending me forms in a timely fashion and such when Len and I became friends. "Criminal cases are our priority and Industry stuff takes second place so we will get to you when we do." They fookin banned Len Savage from writing them, phoning them, or emailing them and he's a fooking 07/SOT. No Joke. He can only talk to them through the Courts.

2:23 AM, April 13, 2010  
Blogger tom said...

FWIW, Len is playing things safer than Luty. He won't discuss NFA designs except in a very vague way with anybody that isn't a SOT unless he's testifying somebody's defense in court. At the last minute they wouldn't let him testify in the Olofson case, which is why Olofson went to prison for a broken semi-auto that the ATF had actually modified by adding M-16 parts to. Federal liar on the stand vs a public defender with no firearms knowledge wasn't very helpful in his defender cross-examining the prosecution witness.

Was about like a DEA chemist testifying about sophisticated pharmaceutical manufacturer to a lawyer that never even took chemistry classes.

The game is rigged against us all.

2:39 AM, April 13, 2010  

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