Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hi all, I'm Muninn, the good looking one, on the right. The other one is Huginn. We are best buds with Odin, telling him what's happening in the worlds. Lots of folks are remembering (that's my job) from six years ago. For a lot of them, this is sad, which is understandable, but for others this makes them mad, at someone who couldn't have done much to change what happened. They blame this grand cabal of people and organizations, who conspired to bring about events so those people could gain more power and money. If these groups are so powerful, why do they still hide behind governments to do their bidding? Most of the people in Midgard are used to having Evil Overlords running everything at the expense of the minions. These folks believing in these conspiracies are giving way too much credit to their boogymen. Any conspiracy that is big enough will have someone involved who doesn't like it and is willing to rat it out. If nothing else, a few years back Popular Mechanics magazine did a debunking of most of the popular myths about the Twin Towers attack. Is that mag part of the conspiracy too? The sad thing about these folks, even if you tell them the truth, they dismiss you as a willing participant in the cabal's lies. Oh, well.

Thx to PDPhoto.org for letting us gank the pic. You did a good job capturing my good side!


Blogger Nyx said...

You know... maybe you really should blog more often. Using Odin's ravens to write the post is really rather clever.

3:09 PM, September 11, 2007  

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