Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's (almost) all over but the shoutin'

In just a few more hours the polls will close, the votes will be counted, and then, we can start bickering about who cheated more for the next few months. (I reckon all the way up til January 20th!) Then, if That One loses, he can begin his 2012 campaign. (I head Rush say the Obamamessiah spent 15 minutes voting today-- apparently He couldn't figure out how to vote "present.")

My predictions on the results: for Jefferson County, Obama 55%, McCain 43%, "other" 2%.
Nationwide, Obama 45%, McCain 50%, "other" 5%, with the Electoral College going for McCain. These are just my gut feelings, please don't get mad at me if you use these figures to bet with your coworkers. BTW, go get your free small Starbucks coffee and Ben and Jerry's ice cream.


Blogger Kelly said...

I'd like to say it doesn't matter what the final count is, or whether or not electronic machines make it easier for Floridians, etc since McCain conceded. However, I know that won't stop people from bickering.

Thanks for spending eight years teaching me the parts I didn't know... telling me about "The Federalist Papers", explaining that third parties are valid, etc. I'd like to say it's brought me peace these past few months, but it hasn't. It's made me afraid, and in the past few days I've cried and had a sick stomach over it all. But thanks, anyway. Ignorance is, in some ways, bliss... but some of us are masochists.

There's one victory in all of this. David voted for the first time. That's more of a victory than most people realize. Voting does still matter.

11:07 PM, November 04, 2008  
Blogger Mattexian said...

To borrow the line from Will Rogers, "figures don't lie and liars don't figure." I reckon the Left will claim "a mandate from the voters" since That One got 62 millions votes to win, altho Bush didn't when he got 62 million votes. Then there's the map of results, with the Obamamessiah only having his "mandate" from the two Coasts, everything across the South and Rocky Mountains and Mid-West ('cept for New Mexico, Colorado, and North Carolina) (Holy shit, the map of "the Separate States" in the Cracked interview with Pres. Obama from 2012 in pretty close, tho the territorial split is more north-south than the east-west spread "in the future!")

I'm kinda relieved that the universe didn't implode overnight, so I guess that's a positive sign. I've been listening to Glenn Beck this morning (kinda surprised he didn't start the show with the new Obama National Anthem!), and he's pointed out that this election is a reaction to the Bush Administration, and that Obama should be careful how far he allows his pendulum to swing, because it can go just as far in the opposite direction if his administration is too extreme, as a reaction to his term.

10:42 AM, November 05, 2008  

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