Thursday, July 10, 2008

But it was just there!

A quick post, to let my fellow SETexians know, the Krystal Burger in Beaumont closed this Monday, and KOLE 1340/1380 AM is no longer on the air either.

The Krystal Burger closing is a bit of a surprise, apparently even to the employees, they showed up Monday and were told to go back home. The Enterprise says it was lack of advertising.

KOLE being off the air I guess is an eventuality, given that they changed owners and started messing with the format some.They used to have a morning call-in show, then Laura Ingraham and Bill O'reilly, a local afternoon call-in show, some evening syndicated shows, a Saturday morning call-in. The new owners got rid of all the local hosts and programs, going with all satellite-feed syndicated shows, mostly from the Fox News Radio lineup. Then a couple of weeks ago they pulled everything and had a repeating 30-second message broadcast saying they were moving their studios and would return to the air soon. That went on for a couple of days, then that stopped, and now I've noticed their website is gone too. This wouldn't be so bad, except the two shows I really liked, Glenn Beck and Texas Overnight with Charlie Jones, have to be hunted down on other stations (in other towns, in this case, Dallas), and with Glenn, at a different time slot than I'm used to (even tho he does have a TV show). Still, it's like when your favorite TV show gets moved around by the network, and you keep missing it because you're used to the old time slot. I'd try badgering KLVI to add them to their schedules, but that would mean getting rid of their best sellers, like Rush and Coast to Coast AM, for those times, and I'm pretty sure that ain't happening.


Blogger Kelly said...

I have a comment about Krystal closing, but it contains way too many expletives.

11:45 AM, July 13, 2008  
Blogger Mattexian said...

I can certainly understand, we spent enough time there back when. I drove past it Friday, and Corporate had already stripped out all the "Krystal" signs from all over it, the only thing left with the company name was the panoramic-style wallpaper of the old diner counter. I'm surprised that folks think the food wasn't that great, and that somehow justifies it closing. I'm gonna agree with the Enterprise opinion on this, their lack of advertising killed them in Beaumont. I mean, McDoodles is going strong, and it certainly isn't the fine cuisine bringing folks back time and again, it's that they've got advertising that keeps them in peoples' minds and consistent nationwide food and service. About the only restaurants that can get away with not advertising is the local, mom-n-pop places or small chains, where you've built up a loyal customer base. (I'm thinking of Tony's BBQ on Calder and Mr. Burger on East Lucas. The Burger Depot just opened on Florida at Cardinal Drive, and that place is packed everyday at lunch!) Getting back to Krystal Burgers, since this was the first one they opened west of the Mississippi River, they should have advertised more instead of hoping a bunch of travellers would search for it while coming thru town, or transplants from back east looking for some comfort foods.

Oh well, there's always the frozen White Castle burgers at the grocery.

3:37 PM, July 13, 2008  

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