Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend thoughts

I'm wandering around the Net, and I'm shocked to find that Tony Snow died yesterday. He was only 53 years old, and he finally lost that battle with cancer. I liked him as a radio show host on Fox News Radio (and when he sat in for Rush), before he took that job as White House Press Secretary. (I thought he would have been better if they'd allowed him to speak his mind at some of the inane questions, especially from Helen Thomas.)

One of the commentators from, good ol' Squawkbox has his own blog, at He's still insightful, thoughtful, and of a biting wit, and not too shabby with the graphics program, either.

While the skeletons in Obamessiah's closet may not stretch that far back, I wouldn't be surprised if the skeletons in the skeleton's closets did! If anybody with a lick of common sense actually listened to what he says, then only hard core socialists would want to elect him, and even then they'd be saying, "Man, he's way too radical for us, for wanting to do some of that as soon as he gets into office! He'll completely bankrupt the country, leaving nothing to work with for the second year!" Lately he's been pandering to the center, to win votes there, which only pisses off his main leftist supporters and the right is gonna remain suspicious of him, no matter what. (Let's not forget, any criticism of the Obamessiah and his policies is automatically racist!)


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