Tuesday, June 24, 2008

'Nuther day

Sorry I didn't post more the other day, I was... a bit buzzed, from reading another online graphic novel I found, Girl Genius. It's got a lot of stuff I like, all rolled into one: graphic novel drawn by Phil Foglio, steampunk setting, and the story is pretty involved! (And boy, does Foglio know how to draw womens!) It took me two full days of reading to catch up with everything, since it's been online for 5 1/2 years already, publishing 3 times a week.

I was so overwhelmed with the story that I forgot to thank Will for his two posts, about my remarks about the TV show Jericho and Texas, and the Roswell, Texas online graphic novel. (Which only happened because I was making my rounds thru the blogosphere, and commented about his remark about someone else's review of Eric Flint's 1812 and 1824 novels.)


Blogger Kelly said...

Somehow, it just didn't occur to me that you'd be into "Girl Genius", or I'd have told you about it. Then again, I didn't get very far in reading it after someone sent me to it. I also need to catch up on "Rosewell, Texas". They're on my list, really... right after all the other reading I've missed months of doing. Thanks for the heads-up on "Jericho" being out on DVD. I got D to watch "Sahara" with me the other night, and then told him which guy from it is also in "Jericho", explained the show a little... I finally said, "Look, it was on CBS and they got rid of it way too soon. That right there tells you it's a damn good show."

1:44 PM, June 25, 2008  

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