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I apologize for the near-stream-of-consciousness style of this piece. I'll admit it may be difficult to follow in some places, but that's kinda how my brain works sometimes.

I have a problem with one of my new neighbors. They moved in across the street about a month ago, kept to themselves pretty much, up until this last week. I walk my dogs in the big vacant lot adjacent to their house, but don't let my dogs go onto their yard. I've been walking the dogs there since I moved in six months ago because I was told that the owner of the lot is deceased, and the previous tenants next door didn't complain. Then three days ago the woman comes out to ask that I don't let my dogs shit in their yard, they don't like cleaning it up and watching their step while mowing. Ok, not a problem, since I'm not walking my dogs in their yard, right? Not quite. Apparently they think their yard includes some periphery around it, because they caused a fuss yesterday about the smell of the dog shit coming into their house when they leave the windows open. And accusing me of letting my dogs shit in the yard because there's a pile right off their back porch. I don't know how they've got dog shit in their back yard but it sure as fuck ain't my dogs doing that. They were doing fine asking that I get my dogs to shit at the back of the vacant lot, until they said their landlord told them that he owns all three lots on that side of the street, the vacant lots on both sides of their house! I told them I had heard differently, the lot I was using had reverted to the estate of a dead man, but they insisted, even saying that the man would mow that lot just to deny me the use of it. I finished walking my dogs, and asked the girlfriend's dad about this, and he said to the effect that they were full of bullshit, the lot I was using belonged to a dead man's family, and the other vacant lot belonged to a woman who is the sister of a good friend. This got us both a bit riled up, and I called the county's tax office, because who better would know who owns property than the government agency who collects money from it? Sure enough, their landlord is lying about owning all three lots, the tax office gave me the listed owners, and interestingly enough the owner of record for the house lives at a PO Box in Missouri. (That makes us wonder who is their "landlord" and what, if any relation he has to the owner. It reminded the GF of some folks who tried claiming they owned one of the lots and could rent it out, and they were caught in their scam.) It also confirmed my previous info about the other lot's owners. Later yesterday I walked my dogs as usual, and the neighbors sat on their back porch and glared at me, making sure the dogs didn't shit in their precious yard (which they didn't), and I tried striking up pleasantries with the woman when she sat out there. That went ok for a few minutes, until I mentioned that the county's records didn't jibe with their landlord's claims of owning all three lots. She got ugly about that, saying she had to go over papers to move into that place and she knows what the landlord says is true, and that I needed to leave. Fine, I left, and had to wind back down to go to bed (curse these early mornings at work). I feel like putting up a sign that reads "Glare all you want, we'll shit more" in the vacant lot just to goad them on, until my better side says ok, you got your mini-rant out of the way, let's deal with this rationally. So today we were gonna drop by the neighborhood police substation, to make them aware of the situation as it stands, in case they have to be called later, only to discover that it closed a while back. So I did the next best thing, I called my ex Father-in-Law, since he's a detective with the city police. I explained the situation to him and asked who can I go to at the station to let know about this? He considered it and said my best course of action was to not walk my dogs there and to find out the landlord's name and number to talk with him. Ok, I can do that, I'm not afraid to call him a liar to his face. Especially after dealing with his tenants who have a near-Fundamentalist zeal about their Truth, no matter the facts! Their landLord can tell them the world is flat, and it doesn't matter how many globes you show, they won't believe you.

In other news, the Senate is having hearings on the progress in the Iraq War, and some of the Presidential candidates are using is as an opportunity to grandstand. Senators Clinton and Obama are soooo against the war... gee, go figure. What isn't making news is what I wish McCain would stand up and say:
Everybody knows I was a POW, in the last war where the US turned tail and ran away, leaving our allies to be rounded up and slaughtered, after the American people were brainwashed by the Media into believing it was an unwinnable war. The Tet Offensive destroyed the Viet Cong's numbers in South Vietnam, but because the evening news only showed the ferocity of their attacks, the American people's support dwindled away and the "anti-war" VC/NVA supporters in our midst gained courage. I am NOT going to let that happen today, not to our brave men and women in uniform who are willing to go where ordered, to fight the terrorists over there, so the American people won't have to fight the terrorists over here. But no, our round-the-clock news echoes the same "anti-war" mindset over and over from the last war, emboldening our enemies at home and abroad, and disheartening loyal Americans from fighting the good fight now when it can be still be won. I won't say there won't be sacrifice. I won't say there won't be blood shed by our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers over there. But until Americans steel their resolve to win this war we are already defeated, at home and abroad. And do not think the terrorists will not come here just because we're tucked our tails in surrender. Our men and women tracking the terrorist cells in the US are succeeding every day, but it doesn't make the evening news, because that still subscribes to the motto "if it bleeds it leads," and since no one dies in these arrests, not a peep is heard from the Media. Also, since these arrests are part of ongoing investigations, they can't be publicized. Otherwise the terrorists will know their agents have been caught and change their plans and operations. I will not let our detractors keep us from winning this war, because then all the sacrifices of our brave men and women will have been for naught, and I will NOT allow THAT again!
Like I said, I wish McCain would say that, but I'm not holding out hope. Thanks for sticking around to the end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck her!! I hate people who hate animals. You know what I would do? I would so throw dog shit all over her porch!! But that's just me!

I also hate people who move in years after someone and think they know more about the neighborhood than we do. I got into it with a woman across the street last summer about her dog jumping their fence and attacking a dog whose owner was walking it. I had to break up the dog fight. I know that it was dangerous to do...but I just couldn't stand there and watch a dog get tore up by another prick of a dog. And the stupid woman said to "lighten up". I told her that if her dog jumps the fence and even acts like it is going to attack one of my dogs, it was going to get a head full of lead. I told her to take her chances.

Flippin' bitch! God, I hate stupid people!

9:59 PM, April 09, 2008  
Blogger Mattexian said...

Oh, they like animals, they just don't want someone else's dogs shitting in their yard. They've got a little chihuahua, and the man claims to be a dog trainer, and he says dogs can be trained to shit in just one part of the yard, or at least I should stand back there with them on their leashes and wait until they do shit. Now, since I haven't seen him leave and be gone long enough to be considered "at work," I have to wonder about that claim too.

They strike me as trailer trash who think they've moved up in the world because they got a real, honest-to-gods house but they still act like they're in the trailer park. In Vidor.

8:45 AM, April 10, 2008  
Blogger Nyx said...

The dog issue is a bit upsetting to me. I really wish I could get my two out of there already. It'd make things easier for y'all, and I miss them. I miss them bad. Don't let them hurt the dogs, okay?

As far as John McCain goes, I seriously doubt you're going to get anything out of him you might be hoping for when it comes to war... Vietnam or this one. When I had the webpage about Vietnam POWs/MIAs, I'd found lots of information about his time as a POW. Take a lok at Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain. I can't help but think of what happened to John Kerry's chances when people went, "Wait... you're some kind of war hero, but the men who served with you say you're an asshat?"

I'm gonna check out your other blog. I noticed a while back that you added "Heathen" to your profile. Good to see you seem to be feeling a bit more comfortable in your place in things.

12:47 PM, April 10, 2008  
Blogger Mattexian said...

Don't worry, if anything happened to the dogs, I think they and we know who Most Wanted Number One Suspect would be.

As to the VVAJM, I dunno, I've heard some of that before about him, followed by defenses of what happened. It's not like the VC put him in the President's Suite at the Hanoi Hilton, they still broke both his shoulders and subjected him to a lot of the same tortures as other POWs. Ok, the VC were a little nicer b/c his dad was an Admiral in theater, but it's not like they released him ASAP after capture either. And consider that the Media hasn't said much about his son's currently in the military, serving in Iraq. McCain hasn't made big public statements about them b/c he knows this would endanger them and their units, b/c it would give the terrorists some targets to concentrate their attacks. Similar to Prince Harry being sent to Iraq with his unit, then being quietly reassigned to Afghanistan, only to be withdrawn after sereval months b/c an Aussie unit serving alongside him boasted about it when they returned home.

7:02 PM, April 10, 2008  

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