Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goin' to a Tea Party

They're having one tomorrow, here in town. Me and the Missus are going, tho there's something that's been bothering me about the whole thing. Weren't tax protests usually focused around NOT paying the taxes? Whatever the reason, be it your opposition to some gubmint policy (i. e. slavery, a war, Alaska being admitted to the Union, fluoride in the water, etc.) or whatever, you weren't supposed to pay your taxes, hence the media belittled you as a "tax protestor" and lumped you with other "fringe kooks."

As much as the local Tea Party group claims that they are acting like the Sons of Liberty in a non-violent action to make the gubmint notice, they're forgetting something. I think Mike Vanderboegh sums it up pretty well on his blog. I think it's pretty evident that our "representatives" in Washington, DC (District of Criminals) didn't listen to We the People when we said we didn't want the MegaBailOuts I & II and we think That One firing and replacing the CEO of GM (apparently it now means Gubmint Motors) isn't in his job description either! I'm afraid it's getting near nigh time to say talking isn't working anymore, maybe "They" will notice action! Something like what Vanderboegh imagined in the Window War. (This story is "non-violent" too, in the same manner that no one was hurt.)

Certainly, the expected number of people for the nation-wide Tea Party tomorrow will eclipse anything the "Million Moms" or "Million Men" could actually get out for their protests, and our "representatives" and other gubmint officials won't be able to safely ignore us anymore, tho I'm sure any complacency on our parts afterward will unravel our efforts for this protest; then we may have to resort to something more "extreme" for them to remember who the real bosses are. (Re: the US Declaration of Independence starts with We the People, not We the Ruling Elite.)

Standard Disclaimer: I in no way advocate the immediate use of violence to accomplish political goals. However, when our "opposition" in their gubmint offices can make a new code or rule with a simple stroke of the pen, enforceable at gunpoint by other gubmint officials "just following orders", and We the People have no immediate way of overruling them as they nibble away at OUR Liberties, THEY need to remember that WE are the ones who control the reins of power, and that WE will take that power back! Maybe thru peaceful means (see Texas' Gov. Rick "GoodHair" Perry standing up for Tenth Amendment/State Sovereignty recently), maybe thru violent means (the history books forget about the "Battle of Athens, Tenn." when WW2 vets picked up their guns and fought against their corrupt county officials), but We the People will retain the true reins of power in the US.


Blogger Hammer said...

Good point.

It will take real trouble to wake up the political elite.

DC is pouring the gasoline.. all we need is a spark.

7:25 PM, April 14, 2009  

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