Sunday, April 19, 2009

More about Gov. Perry and secession

In our local newspaper today ,they had a little "pro/con" editorial about Gov. Perry's comment at the Tea Parties about Texas seceding. Now, I think it's kinda funny that the "our position" view (of the Enterprise's editorial board) was that him bringing up secession also has the baggage of the Confederacy and slavery, when it's only the opponents of secession that EVER bring up slavery, to emotionally charge the argument and to bias any neutral bystanders against any rational reasons FOR secession. At least the two commentors on their page had the common sense to see thru the straw man claim. (Plus, they support my idea that those opposed to secession aren't from Texas to begin with. From what I've seen, true Texans love Texas and don't think it's a bad thing if Texas was an independent nation again!)

One thing I've started wondering about, is that if Gov Perry does declare Texas independent again, does he automatically become the President of the new Republic of Texas, and where does that leave the Texas Nationalist Movement? (Leaving aside for the moment whether we'd instantly become a Republic, or would there be a vote for some other name.) Last I checked, their President was also the last President of the interim govt of the Republic of Texas group. (There's also the thing about Chuck Norris saying he'd run for the job!) Hell, where would Kinky Friedman sit in all of it? Would he run for President instead of Governor? Same for Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson; would she run for President too? She certainly wouldn't have her old job anymore, no need to represent a state that's not in the Union anymore, unless she was made first Ambassador to the US.

Speaking of ambassadors, I've figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be Texas' first Ambassador to France, appointed by President Chuck Norris! (Hopefully!) I already like their bread, and their toast (strange fact: French bread put into the toaster doesn't come out as French toast), and some of their knives (Opinel, cool old school!), and their Foreign Legion makes the US Marines look sane in comparison! Plus, if they give me any shit about being from "that little upstart country," I can point out a couple of things: (1) We're bigger than them; (2) (A) Mexico beat them; (B) We beat Mexico; (C) Therefore, I'm sure our embassy staff and me can kick more that a few of their asses! Also, it might be fun to have the Dissident Frogman over for drinks and swapping gun stories, and I could offer him sanctuary if his country goes in the crapper more.

(I had previously wanted to be Texas to be independent again so I could visit England, and I could wear a big honkin' Bowie knife on my belt, and be protected under their crazy-assed "cultural exemptions" to their highly strict knife laws! Now, I'd want to add a pistol and claim diplomatic immunity for capping some yobs and hooligans.)


Blogger Hammer said...

The first thing Perry should do after secession is export all the illegals back to Mexico.

Then drop all the violent criminals and gang members into the gulf for shark food

10:42 AM, April 20, 2009  
Blogger Kelly said...

I would think that an election would happen to choose a President. If you want to see a movement lose support real fast, just let people get the feeling that this is a case of someone making a power grab. The only way to keep people from thinking that is to make it clear that there would be an election, no one will simply appoint themself President, and then actually have the promised election. Honestly... have we learned nothing from Middle Eastern countries that get passsed from tyrant to tyrant through revolution, then eventually need the U.S. to help them have an election?

12:21 PM, April 20, 2009  
Blogger LSP said...

Texas should be independent.

I will certainly support your Ambassadorship.

Opinels are excellent.


PS. will link to your excellent site.

1:05 PM, July 27, 2009  

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