Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm kinda surprised...

...That no one reminded me after the last post: The first rule of Ninja Club is, we don't talk about Ninja Club!

After all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, there should be more ninja movies, and these guys agree. Help them if you can.

That is all.


Blogger Kelly said...

Ninjas vs Pirates is such a difficult thing for me... I love them both! But, yes, I do love ninjas more. Still, I like the part in Animal Crossing where a villager asks, "Which would you rather be... Ninja-Pirate? Or Zombie-Sasquatch?" That's much easier to answer.

And now, to add something semi-adultish to this comment...

Speaking of clubs that the first rule is not to speak of them... I finally saw "Fight Club". And I apparently set some sort of record for figuring out the "twist" early on. I also found out it was originally a book, and I intend to track it down and buy it. I'm not a Brad Pitt fan, and the movie was so over-hyped (in my opinion) at the time it came out that I just couldn't conjure up the desire to see it. Now, I'm putting it on my list with the "V for Vendetta" graphic novel for Stories One Should Expose Oneself To.

5:43 PM, December 20, 2008  

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