Friday, March 07, 2008

This Patriotic Duty stuff is wearing me out!

I've had a fairly busy week, going here and there, doing stuff that most folks would consider patriotic, for a Texan anyways.

  1. The GF and I went to Washington-on-the-Brazos for Texas Independence Days on Sunday. We saw some reenactors in the Texas Army, listened to old folk musicians, looked at the displays in the museum and on the grounds, ate some Texas-sized birthday cake.
  2. I had jury duty starting on Monday, and finishing on Wednesday. It was only on the last day that I got picked for a jury pool, then after waiting a while, we found out the judge didn't need us after all. He thanked us for our time and sense of civic duty, and was glad we were willing to participate in our jury system.
  3. I voted in our Texas Primary on Tuesday, but I ain't telling you for who! I find it curious, no, bizarre that the Republican Primary had the Referendums listed, while the Democrat Primary did not. (I would link to the appropriate .pdfs, but the county has already taken them down. However, there's this article in the Dallas Morning Snews.) The referendums were to A)authorize a check of photo IDs when voting; B)require state and county governments to limit their budgets to only increasing with inflation and local growth, except for emergencies; C)require local, state, and federal officials to enforce our immigration laws.
  4. I've got another drill weekend with the State Guard starting tonight.
I've remarked to friends that Thursday was the only day this week that I didn't have some direct .gov involvement.


Blogger Hammer said...

I had no idea the dems didn't get these referendums.

BTW thank you for your service.

9:05 PM, March 07, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say "Hi". I noticed you are a dog lover. This is a great thing. The world needs more of us. I'm into that whole, "protecting the innocent and the ones who cannot defend themselves" kind of stuff.

10:23 PM, March 20, 2008  

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