Friday, March 28, 2008

Bye Bye to Jericho again

The TV show Jericho had it's second season finale this past Tuesday. I've since found out that CBS intended it to also be the series finale. While it saddens me a little, I'm still not sending the CBS offices any nuts to protest, like some fans did after the first season's premature death. I liked how this season ended, with some closure and no real loose ends, and it was left open enough to continue with a movie or novels or mini-series.




I loved that Jake and Hawkins were saved twice by the Republic of Texas: first by crashing an ambulance thru the gates of their (our?) embassy in Cheyenne, the Allied States' new capital; second by the Texas Air National Guard shooting down two Allied State's fighter jets ready to shoot down Jake and Hawkins while they flew to Texas in a Texas' diplomatic jet.

To nitpick a little:
  • I wonder why the show's writers put the Texas Guardsmen in the old woodland camo BDUs, when they've finished transitioning to the Army's digital camo ACUs. Do they think the NG has some sooper-seekrit orders to keep one set of BDUs, because I know transitioning back would be a jigantinormous pain-in-the-ass, especially during a crisis, oh, say, like after a nuclear attack. I mean, even the army surplus stores are selling their used stocks of BDUs for really cheap. (And those are used, not new, crisp, and dark, like those on the show.)
  • I'm surprised the Texans managed to build/convert a new embassy in Cheyenne already, so soon after a nuclear attack. I'm more surprised Cheyenne allowed it, since that would be tantamount to admitting that Texas has the right to succeed, during a national emergency even.
  • I wonder how long it will be before the writers, producers, and CBS get a letter from the Texas Attorney General demanding that they cease-and-desist using the name "Republic of Texas" in conjunction with using the image of the Lone Star Flag. Why? Because that's what the AG did to the Republic of Texas Provisional Govt. several years back, and that's why the groups use the Burnett flag as their national banner. Now that I think about that some, I realize the RTPG implicitly acknowledging the AG's power, even tho they claimed the State Govt. had no legitimacy and no authority over them. I guess it was a matter of, you can't change the govt. if you're sitting in a jail cell.
  • I liked seeing the Texas Guardsmen in the BDUs. I guess I'm a little sentimental about those uniforms since that was the outfit I saw our soldiers in while I was growing up. (I admit the new ACUs are a lot cooler in the summer, they're not a heat magnet like the woodland BDUs.) It also made me proud to see the Texas flag on those trooper's shoulders. I jokingly pointed out, "Look! I've got job security!" Altho I almost immediately recognized the TANG HG insignia on the other shoulder. Which leads into...
  • Why does every soldier in this show have full-color unit insignia instead of subdued? Ok, so the Army soldiers had subdued flag and unit patches when they were going into combat, but the rest of the time, "bumming around town" and in the office, they wore full color patches on their shoulders.
These were just some of the little things that popped up while watching and ruminating afterwards. I've read some comments about the show, in this blog or that forum, but they're scattered. There doesn't seem to be a decent discussion group for this show, that isn't full of spammers. Back when I watch Babylon 5, there was a pretty good group on Usenet for fans. Now I think the Internet has made any fans too scattered across the ether, each one with their own small group or fan page, instead of a main area to gather.

I do hope the producers find a way to continue this show. If nothing else, it gave folks (specifically ME!) something to watch that wasn't a quasi-reality show.

PS Thinking about the Texas flag a bit more, I recalled the time I had to give Phoenyx directions to my new home. The simple part was saying "go this way, turn here, go past that store, turn at the stop sign," then I got stuck, because she needed landmarks, and on my own street I blanked out. I stumbled onto the front porch, looking around, well, there's the car parked in the yard... no, the house number... is kinda small... Oh! "Mine's the only one on the whole damned block with a Texas flag out front!" which also meant there aren't any other flags on my street. Showing off your patriotism seems in short supply around here. Thankfully there's a couple of businesses with giant Texas flags flying along the highway as I come and go to work. And several US flags, too.

PPS Holy F*&%ing Dog$#!+!!! THREE posts in one day!?! I can't bother to post three times in the same month! What's wrong with me?!?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though I am somewhat of a new reader, you posting three times in one day gave me cause for concern. But, I think I know why you did it. It's the caffeine, isn't it? :)

10:01 PM, March 28, 2008  
Blogger Mattexian said...

I reckon it could be, I think I had 2 more sodas before the day was over. I guess responding to Tam's post was what I needed to "prime the pump", and the Jericho post was rattling around since Tuesday night, searching for a form. The gas price thing was just a rant for the day.

8:45 PM, March 29, 2008  

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