Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A micro "Eureka!" moment

I've been grumbling for a while that I wished the Governor would authorize us (the State Guard, and the rest of the Texas military) to carry our sidearms with us even when off duty, like the Israeli Defense Forces do. (Aside: I've heard a few anecdotes of folks traveling in Israel and ogling the beautiful, bikini-clad women on the beaches, who also had an M-16 slung across their backs!)

Then this morning while walking the dogs (when I do some of my best thinking; alas, away from pen and paper) I realized that the state has quietly encouraged us to do so. Since the Legislature recently amended the laws concerning concealed carry, all members of the military in Texas can apply for a permit at no charge. Previously, the charge had been $70, half the regular fee. Now, the class will still cost ya (most places would probably have a military discount anyways), but if you can afford to equip yourself with a suitable, concealable firearm, and the means to conceal and carry it, you can afford a $100 or so for a CHL class.

Pity some of us still have employers who forbid carrying a legal concealed firearm while on the clock, but at least the Lege also amended the laws to protect employees who are CHL holders, to leave their firearms in their private vehicles in the employer's parking lot. Apparently one of the big computer companies in Texas fought against this and lost, after selectively discriminating against their employees who had CHLs: forbiding their leaving their firearms locked in their vehicles, comparing company databases against CHL lists (when it's still a public record), demanded that employees report having a CHL, firing those who "forget" to report same, and refusing to hire anyone who has a CHL. From what I've gathered, it's not so much a company policy against firearms ownership, as it is their insurance companies'. The insurance companies would seem to prefer paying out on a wrongful death (or two... dozen) from a madman shooting up the workplace, than pay for legal defense of an employee or customer who lawfully shot someone else intent on havoc and murder. Besides "First, kill all the Lawyers," I wonder what we could do to change that to something more in line with common sense.


Blogger Hammer said...

Once you get one you wonder how you ever lived without it :)

5:12 PM, February 29, 2008  

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