Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's only paranoid if they're not out to get you.

With the recent rise in recalls of Chinese-made goods due to toxicity, it almost seems like the ChiComs are demonstrating their economic superiority over the US and the rest of the Western World. It occurs to me, what if they are trying to cripple us in other ways? We've seen them try to influence elections by laundering money to favored candidates (Bill Clinton and Hsu; possibly Hillary and $1000 from Chinatown dishwashers, who amazingly can't be located afterwards). What if they (or someone they've paid off) were able to influence the weather, to undermine our economic and political power at home and abroad? Could some of these aspects of "global warming" be man-made, but not the way Algora claims? The Russians claim to have a "weather control machine," and the US denies operating any type of similar equipment. The Russians have even offered theirs "for hire"to send rain to drought-stricken areas, with a resulting typhoon hitting the country.

Is this paranoid? Maybe. But we know the Chinese have historically not been short-sighted in their foreign policy, or their goals of sabotaging Western capitalism. It's just that now we've let them get into position to do this to us, and we seem willingly, very blind to the threat.

On a related note, I read Invasion by Eric L. Harry several years ago. It was a thriller dealing with a near-future attack by China on the US. Now it looks like he was only wrong in the fact that China won't need a military invasion to destroy us.


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