Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm in the Texas Army now...

Ok, not quite, but...

I've been thinking about joining the Texas State Guard, and I finally got in touch with someone from the local unit. I'm supposed to meet them in person this Saturday, and if I like what I hear, and they like what they see, I may be sworn at in that evening! The first weekend of duty would be weekend after this, so I've got to get hopping on getting all the immediately necessary uniform parts (desert boots, woodland BDU top and pants). I've already got some parts from my mis-spent youth, and they still fit! ( LBE belt, field cap with flaps, and a boonie hat.)

Phoenix and I have talked this over for a while, and she thinks it would be very good for me to do this. (Her mom's in favor of it too.) I've been thinking about it because I'm 35 and haven't served in the military in any real way, and there's been this... hole in my life because of it. Also, being the big Texas history buff that I am, I know my family has served Texas (in our Revolution) and the US (Dad in AF, uncles in Army aviation (rotary) and Navy corpsman) in various ways, and I've felt I was not doing my Duty, as far as that was concerned. But being married, I couldn't go enlisting into something where I'd be away from Phoenix for long periods.

Finding out about the State Guard seems like the best of both worlds; I'd get to serve, without the worry of being dragged out of Texas for months at a time. Since the SG is completely voluntary (and most of the time, unpaid), I get to buy my own uniform and gear. They've said they'll supply my insignia and check around if other guys in the unit have spare gear they don't need anymore or one I could borrow until I get my own. (Kinda sounds like I'm back in Scouts!) A sidearm looks to be the biggest purchase I'm looking at. (The Sgt I spoke with said most of the guys have Berettas and Sigs. Ohboy. I don't think they'll let me bring my Swedish Mauser!)


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