Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cool online graphic novel!

I recently found this online graphic novel (AKA a really good comic book) by the name of Roswell, Texas. As of today, I'm on chapter four, and it's a pretty good story. It's set in an Alternate History, where Texas won the War for Independence on better terms with Mexico (Santa Ana died at the Alamo), the geography of North America is a bit different (Texas is the Federated States of Texas, stretching from Cheyenne in the north, to New Orleans in the southeast), and it's a libertarian homeland, when a unknown flying craft crashes is the western town of Roswell in 1947. Then things get interesting....

I guess it's well-enough known among my friends that I love alternate histories, especially those set in worlds where the CSA won the War between the States (those tend to be the most popular). Harry Turtledove has written several novels in an extended series in this style. Roswell, Texas is the first I've found that focuses on an independant Texas. I'm looking forward to reading more of this, for as long as it lasts (into 2008, from what I've read on their forum).

PS Phoenix reminded me of this: I did like the second comic book mini-series "Captain Confederacy", set more-or-less in modern day, and the new "Captain" was a black woman, with her sidekick "Kid Dixie" looked like a poster boy for the Swedish men's swim team or something, muscular, blonde, blue-eyed; also, he's her lover. The nations of that world seemed to be in a technology race, with their superheroes as representing the best of their country. Mexico's superhero dressed like one of their wrestlers, Texas' was a version of the Six Million Dollar Man(TM), Imperial Germany's was a woman with a jetpack, and her name translated as "the flying mouse."

I also liked (somewhat) the "Republic of Texas" series from Daniel Da Cruz, starting with The Ayes of Texas, followed by Texas on the Rocks and Texas Triumphant. Written in the mid-80s, they had a wealthy Texas industrialist restore the Battleship Texas (with a few tech updates, like laser cannons!) and Texas declares her independence in the face of the Great Soviet Fleet touring the world's port as a show of their supremacy. We, of course, blow them the hell up. The other books continue Texas taking on the world's tyranical superpowers.


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